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Tested and certified quality for durable upholstered furniture.

We test all furniture for you for
quality, safety and soundness
in our in-house quality test laboratory.

If you are still proud and satisfied to have chosen a rom1961 sofa after many years and if your sofa has become the centre of your home, then there is a reason for this: quality!

Because when it comes to materials, outstanding quality is the be-all and end-all for us! From the smallest screw to high-quality foams and outstanding covers suitable for everyday use.

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Unique seat structure

The combination of seat structure and perfect functions turns your sofa into something special

rom1961 seat structure beech slats

beech slats

Beech slats provide the best stability and durability. This quality wood provides the perfect frame for every rom1961 seat and thus reliably gives the sofa a long-lasting shape.
rom1961 seat structure wave springs

Wave springs

Wave springs or nosag springs reliably keep the overall surface of each seat in shape. The springs form the first and lowest layer of the seat and therefore permanently ensure an ideal support of all layers.
rom1961 seat structure pocket spring core

Pocket spring core

They yield and perfectly absorb any pressure: with a layer of pocket springs, each spring is individually sewn into a fabric cover for protection. rom1961 pocket springs are available in a lighter version with 1.6 mm springs (Dynaspring) or 1.8 mm springs (Boxspring+).
rom1961 seat structure wave springs


THE special feature! The unique PERMAFORM seat edge reinforcement gives the seat area a firm frame and thus ensures exceptionally durable shape stability.
rom1961 seat structure Bioflex foam

Bioflex quality foam

With a density of 55kg/m3, Bioflex guarantees optimum comfort with a choice between firm (Boxspring+) or soft (Dynaspring).
rom1961 seat structure cover


Whether it’s made of fabric or leather, the cover is not only an important component visually, but it must also be able to withstand any exposure and demand. Rom1961 covers are therefore high-quality and especially well suited for everyday use. All leathers are in addition euqiped with a fleece-lining to minimize wrinkles.

Products tested from A to Z

High quality standards with regards to durability, stability and manufacturing quality as well as the processing of materials tested for harmful substances are just as important to us as your sitting comfort.

Our products meet strict quality, environmental and emission standards and have been awarded the Golden M and emission class A certificates.

Furthermore, all materials and products are extensively tested internally. Therefore, we also give a full 5-year warranty on our products with a clear conscience.
rom labels EN 1 rom1961

for comfortable seating

Firm of soft seating comfort

High-quality pocket-springs

  • NDurably stable and even sitting surfaces
  • NExcellent weight distribution
  • NQuality foam 55kg/m3
  • NClimate control and good hygiene properties
  • NHigh point elasticity


Firm seating comfort with high-tech spring core made of 1,8mm thick wire

Boxspring+ offers the highest level of sitting and reclining comfort and transforms every sofa into a perfect oasis of well-being. This is not achieved by chance but the individual layers are perfectly coordinated: Components such as Bioflex foam and pocket spring core, in combination with other high-quality materials, achieve excellent and pleasantly stabilising upholstery.


Soft seating comfort with high-tech spring core made of 1,8mm thick wire
Seats upholstered with Dynaspring give an incomparably comfortable seating feeling thanks to sophisticated high-tech upholstery. The structure is the same as with Boxspring+, but Dynaspring components are more elastic and therefore give slightly more. The result is upholstery that gently encloses without sacrificing dimensional stability.

Discover rom1961 in pictures

This documentary from a Belgian television station gives you an insight into the family company ROM from Eupen in Belgium.
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The rom1961 sofa collection.

Customisable down to the smallest detail.
You determine the shape, size, appearance and equipment yourself!