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Innovative functions for maximum seating comfort on your sofa.


Optimum sitting comfort is a matter of course for ROM1961: not too soft, not too hard – with a cover that is suitable for everyday use and can easily cope with more active families and larger parties.


Happiness is a sofa on which you can be spread-eagled. Quiet. Relaxation and rest. And optimal comfort!

Feet up

Relax on your sofa, put your feet up and just let go. rom1961 sofas are designed so that you can adjust the optimal relax position from head to toe.
Seated, lying down, with your feet up… No matter in which position: comfort is key. A variety of functions and high-quality materials create the necessary comfort in every position.
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Simply put up your feet for a while

Couches with recliner functions are a thing of the past. We focus on the perfect wellness experience and call it MAXRELAX. A seat element quietly glides into a recliner. You determine the exact position. From 100 cm width, this comfort function is approved for two people.


Manual or eclectric

Relaxation from head to toe: Optional headrest function for every seat. It can be adjusted manually or electrically (ZEN). Just lean back and give your neck muscles a well-deserved break.

Seat depth

Electrically adjustable seat-depth

Enlarge the seat, put your legs up and relax. This is comfort! With our VARIO option, you can adjust the seat depth electronically. Thanks to a variable seat surface, you can switch between a perfect sitting experience and a relaxing position at the touch of a button.

rom1961 Komfortfunktionen VARIO rom1961


Longchair for 2

More space in small spaces: With the TURN option, you can turn the seat cushion of your ottoman by 90 degrees. This creates a comfortable reclining surface for several people. Ideal for cosy TV evenings with your whole family.

Seat heating

Wellbeing at the touch of a button

Discover another level of comfort with our optional WARM-UP seat heating in the sofa. Treat yourself to the luxury of making your sofa even cosier at the touch of a button. Just what you need for relaxing winter evenings on your couch.

rom1961 Komfortzone Sitzheizung SARI 1 rom1961


At the touch of a button

Technology should offer comfort – it is not supposed to dominate. A few buttons are sometimes all you need to see. All electrical functions are controlled easily via our unique Easy Light push-buttons. Easy to reach, simple, functional and elegant.
rom1961 Komfortfunktionen EASYLIGHT rom1961


Charging station always within reach

In every seat element with electric function of our sofas, there is a practical USB connection between the seat and the backrest as standard. This is the end of not-so-pretty and impractical mobile phone or tablet charging cables that have to be laid across the sofa.

rom1961 Komfortfunktionen USB rom1961
  • icon 5jahregarantie white 2024 rom19615 Year Warranty
  • icon zertifizierte quali white 2024 rom1961Certified quality
  • icon madeineurope white 2024 rom1961Made in Europe

The rom1961 sofa collection.

Made to measure in 10 cm increments,
we manufacture your very own individual dream sofa.

Customisable down to the smallest detail.
You determine the shape, size, appearance and equipment yourself!

Individual sofas, individual service

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