Comfortable sofas

Made to measure for you!

Comfortable sofas

Made to measure for you!

Comfortable sofas

Made to measure for you!

rom1961 MILLER red dot design winner rom1961
Tamour Longchair Sofa rom1961
Sari 280BT240 ENME 09 1 rom1961
Matheo Sofa rom1961
Yoga Princess ENMA SZMA 1814 rom1961

We manufacture a comfortable designer sofa for you, made to measure and without compromise.

rom1961 MATHEO 2 Sitzer rom1961
Sari 280BT240 ENME 3419a rom1961
Adora BB240 CC180 MNCO RLAG 04 rom1961

We create the perfect living centre for your time together with family and friends or with yourself.

Miller BB200 MNMI 0796 rom1961
Tamour LB300 ENMA 11 rom1961
Matheo BT250 VZRO 4283 e1687513268958 rom1961
ADORA rom1961 rom1961

With a rom1961 sofa, any place becomes your home.
That’s our promise!

Every sofa is made for you as a unique piece and exactly the way it fits into your room and your life.

Guaranteed quality for over 60 years

We rely on high-quality and durable materials with precise workmanship and test all furniture for you for quality, safety and health in our in-house test centre.

Made to measure and packed with features

Comfort is our focus. That’s why we not only make our sofas to measure, but have also incorporated some feel-good features along with sophisticated upholstery and fabrics.

Icon design rom1961


Icon Langlebig rom1961


Icon Passgenau rom1961

A perfect fit

Icon Bequem rom1961


Icon Pflegeleicht rom1961


The rom1961 sofa collection.

Made to measure in 10 cm increments,
we manufacture your very own individual dream sofa.

Customisable down to the smallest detail.
You determine the shape, size, appearance and equipment yourself!

Only 3 steps to fulfill your sofa-dream:

Rom1961 Plan1B rom1961


and go meet the certified rom1961 specialist
Rom1961 Plan2B rom1961


and make it come to life thanks to our 3D planner.

Rom1961 Plan3B rom1961


and create the perfect living centre for everyone

Discover rom1961 in pictures

This documentary from a Belgian television station gives you an insight into the family business ROM from Eupen in Belgium.

telechargement 60 rom1961
Design ohne Titel 3 rom1961

Individual sofas, individual service

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  • icon 5jahregarantie white NEW rom19615 Year Warranty
  • icon zertifizierte quali white NEW rom1961Certified quality
  • icon madeineurope white NEW rom1961Made in Europe

Your partner für contract furnishers and interior architects

rom1961 sofas are ideal for contract furnishers and interior designers: Thanks to our unique platforms, there are no limits to customisation and even the largest and most unusual combinations are easily possible.