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SARI - The beautifully shaped one

Sophisticated design

SARI - The beautifully shaped one

Sophisticated design

SARI - The beautifully shaped one

Sophisticated design

Design made to measure.
Feel good and enjoy, according to your wishes.
Every SARI is unique.

Our sofas are made to measure according to your wishes.

Icon Bequem rom1961 Comfortable just like you want it to be.
Icon design rom1961 Designed just as you need it.
Icon Passgenau rom1961 Perfectly fitting just like no other sofa.

    SARI - The beautifully shaped one
    His design completes any room

    We design each SARI
    in increments of 10cm on our 3D sofa configurator – together with you.

    ICON Sessel 1 rom1961

    as an armchair

    ICON Sofa 2 rom1961

    as a sofa

    ICON Ecksofa 2 rom1961

    as a corner

    ICON Hocker 2 rom1961

    as a footstool

    Large variety of coversin great colours

    High-quality fabrics and fine leathers for your custom-fit SARI sofa

    Large selection of design elements:

    Sari BB220 RLPC 9649 e1651736284284 rom1961

    Design armrest and feet

    The folded armrest is optionally available in a wide version with feet or in a narrow full-length version.

    Sari BB220 RLPC 9626 e1651736576588 2 rom1961

    Straight seat design

    Clear lines set the tone in the seating area.

    Sari BB220 RLPC 9661 e1651736678636 2 rom1961


    Perfection meets design: the SARI headrests are manually or electrically adjustable.

    Sari 280BT240 ENME 08 1 e1651736527935 2 rom1961

    Adjustable leg rest

    Simply put your feet up and relax.

    SARIdesign sofa at a glance!


    rom1961 infografic
    Available as sofa, corner sofa or armchair
    Made to measure in increments of 10cm
    More than 350 different covers: high quality fabrics and fine leathers
    End elements:
    Choice of armrest width and/or end unit
    Seat firmness:
    Boxspring+ or Dynaspring
    Comfort functions:
    Electrical or manual head rest adjustment
    Continuous electrically adjustable resting function (Relax)
    Continuous electrical seat depth adjustment
    Design elements:
    Large selection of design elements (decorative stitching, headrest, armrest, etc.)
    Metal feet in black or brushed
    Wooden feet in different colours

    Let us make your dream come true. Together.

    Visit one of our showrooms and let a rom1961 specialist assist you.

    Together we will design your own individual sofa with you and we will build it exactly according to your wishes.

    The rom1961 sofa collection.

    Made to measure in 10 cm increments,
    we manufacture your very own individual dream sofa.

    Customisable down to the smallest detail.
    You determine the shape, size, appearance and equipment yourself!