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In any position and at any time:
The best sofa comfort – custom-fit and individual

Sitting. Lying. Feet up… No matter what position: Comfort is key. Adaptable functions and high-quality materials create necessary comfort in any position.
ROM1961 Sofa Sitzposition
Optimum sitting comfort is a matter of course for rom1961: not too soft, not too hard – with a cover that is suitable for everyday use and can easily cope with more active families and larger parties.
ROM1961 Sofa Liegeposition
Happiness is a sofa on which you can be spread-eagled. Quiet. Relaxation and rest. And optimal comfort!
ROM1961 Sofa Füße hoch
Feet up
Relax on your sofa, put your feet up and just let go. rom1961 sofas are designed so that you can adjust the optimal relax position from head to toe.

Can you turn comfort into a formula? Of course!

Individual functions


Outstanding quality


Unique seat set-up



Precisely because comfort is very individual, rom1961 builds on three components when it comes to comfort: Outstanding quality, individual functions and unique seat design. Because one thing is clear: without one, the other would only be lukewarmly average.

Individual functions

A sofa is nothing but a sofa, unless it has the right features. Then it becomes a comfort sofa!

Outstanding quality

Perfect seat construction

Optimal upholstery in two different degrees of firmness

The combination of seat structure and perfect functions turns your sofa into something special

Unique seat structure


Pleasently firm seating comfort

rom1961 Boxspring+ Sitzaufbau
Boxspring+ offers the highest level of sitting and reclining comfort and transforms every sofa into a perfect oasis of well-being. This is not achieved by chance but the individual layers are perfectly coordinated: Components such as Bioflex foam and pocket spring core, in combination with other high-quality materials, achieve excellent and pleasantly stabilising upholstery.


  • Durably stable and even sitting surfaces
  • Excellent weight distribution
  • High point elasticity
  • Climate control and good hygiene properties
  • Pocket spring core made of 1.8mm thick wire
  • Firm quality foam 55kg/m3

Soft and gentle seating comfort

rom1961 Dynaspring Sitzaufbau
Seats upholstered with Dynaspring give an incomparably comfortable seating feeling thanks to sophisticated high-tech upholstery. The structure is the same as with Boxspring+, but Dynaspring components are more elastic and therefore give slightly more. The result is upholstery that gently encloses without sacrificing dimensional stability.


  • Durably stable and evenly soft sitting surfaces
  • Excellent weight distribution
  • High point elasticity
  • Climate control and good hygiene properties
  • Pocket spring core made of 1.6mm thick wire
  • Soft quality foam 55kg/m3

Experience unique rom1961 comfort –
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Would you like to test the comfort of our sofas? Then visit your local dealer and experience quality and functions first hand. You can obviously also get to know our upholstery fabrics right here and bring your dream sofa to life virtually with our on-site advisors. We are here to make your sofa dream come true. Down to the last detail.